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For over four decades Beck Family Farms has provided you with the best seasonal fruits, veggies and pumpkins. We are excited to expand with the addition of locally grown meat: beef, pork & lamb. 

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A little about us: Scoops Noomin meat Co-op was started to fulfill the dream of, Scoops Noomin. A little boy who has a love of agriculture and an entrepreneurial spirit. He raised one of the beef from a bottle and then it became the ‘buddy’ to his sister’s show steer. But Scoops loves lamb meat and pork (especially bacon) so he wanted all the meat in his meat boxes. So we talked and decided to buy some animals at the county fair that other kids had raised. Because to raise the best meat, it takes some time. If you’ve ever had ‘livestock show’ meat, you know how good it is and how well raised, loved and cherished these animals are. All the animals in our meat boxes were raised in Sanpete County by youth. 1 beef, 2 pigs and 2 lambs were shown at the Sanpete Co Fair Junior Livestock show. In addition to raising multiple species on our farm, we will be working with other livestock ranchers and youth to bring you the best meat for years to come. Thank you for supporting one little boys dream.

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