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Wild Pumpkin Adventure 2020!!!

For 2020 the Wild Pumpkin Adventure is going to be a bit different, but it will still have the same family-friendly Halloween Adventure feel. 


This year instead of a single race in early October, we are going to build the course (compacted down a bit so there is less running) and combine it with our straw bale maze. 

You'll start with a wild trip through the Haunted Castle and then you'll have to make your way through straw mazes, over crazy obstacles and through a family fun adventure. 

Cost is $5 per person, you can pay at the Farmer's Market, at the entrance to the Haunted Castle.  The course will start right by the Mini-Golf Course (a bit West of the main Farmer's Market). 

Watch our Facebook page for special weekend events, like the Golden Pumpkin Hunt and more. 

There will also be a special event at Beck Family Farms on October 2-3 called FEAR (Face Everything and Rise). Check out for details. 

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